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Owning A Website Is Not That Expensive Anymore

“We always believe that Business Owners should spend their precious time closing more sales rather than worrying and figuring out how to build their own website. We dream to remove these worry away from them by helping them to build their website and at the same time ensuring their website is always up to date.”

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Why Website Hero?

Affordable for Everyone

Our Hero Nation packages are designed in such a way to allow every business to have their own website. It was designed to be affordable.

Worry Free

Spend you precious time closing more sales and leave your website to our Heroes. Leave your website in our good hands. Our Heroes will help you to update, manage, maintain and backup your websites.

Mobile Friendly Design

As live gets busy, more and more people tend to surf the internet on the go via their smartphone or tablet. To ensure that you are able to capture these group of potential customer, your website should be build in a way where the look and feel is always impressive, be it on the smartphone, tablet or even desktop.

“If I help you win, then I win too.”

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is so special about Website Hero?

We believe having a Business Website is one of the most crucial decisions for your business, if you would like to reach out to your potential customers 24/7 and 365 days a year. However, spending a lot of time to build and manage your website all on your own can be quite stressful. That is where our heroes come into the picture, servicing your website so that you can have a peace of mind closing more deals. Remember, we win only when we help you to win ?

Where can I find more details about your company?

We are a simple startup who dreams to help businesses like yours to own website at an affordable price. That’s why we only talk about how can we help you in our website. However, if you are interested to know more about us, kindly contact us, we will be more than happy to share with you our stories over a cup of coffee! 🙂

What do you mean by mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly means your website will always looks good in all the smart devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. We have a way to do it where your website can detect the size of the screen, and then rearrange its layout to give your customer a better user experience.

Do you provide digital marketing or SEO services?

Sorry, we do not provide these services at this moment. We believe that digital marketing is a another professional job that needs a real specialist to you help. Our Heroes are specialise in building websites, so we suggest you to let the pros to do the job. However, please feel free to contact us if you need such services. We will do our best to connect you to the right person.

Do you do e-commerce website?

Sorry, we do not have it at this moment. E-Commerce is the trend now, but do you really need an e-commerce website? Very often, people who shop online will go to established marketplaces like Lazada, Zalora and Groupon. These marketplaces are already spending millions of dollar for marketing to reach out to the public.

Unless you are already an established brand, you might want to consider to leverage on the existing marketplaces to sell your products.

Having said so, if you still believe that you need an e-commerce website, please talk to our heroes. We will do our best to connect you to do the right person.

Do you provide any training to manage the website after developing it?

No, we always believe that every business owner should spend their precious time closing more sales and expand their business instead of figuring out how to manage their websites. Task like these should be entrusted to the website professionals. Our Heroes are always ready to come to the rescue!

Do you have any portfolio on the website you’ve done before?

Our Heroes have been developing quite a number of websites for numerous SME. However, before pursuing our dreams to start Website Heroes, we were working for an IT company. Due to the rules and regulation of our previous company, we are not allowed to reveal these websites and customers.

Don’t worry about that, because we believe that this will not stop our dreams to help businesses like you. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about us and our skills?

What happens if I prefer ad hoc updates instead of monthly/weekly updates?

Don’t worry a bout that. In Website Hero, we always do our best to provide what our customer needs. Just drop us an email at [email protected]  and our heroes will be more than happy to further discuss with you so that we can propose the best solution for you.

How long does it takes to complete my website?

3 weeks upon receiving content information from customer.

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